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 “We applaud the goal of Breaking Challah - to invite members of the wider community into Jewish homes in order to break down barriers and build bridges. This is a simple yet vital project, and we commend all those behind this inspired initiative.”


Vic Alhadeff, CEO

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies



The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies is the officially-elected representative roof-body and voice of the Jewish community of New South Wales.

It is recognised by the NSW government, its agencies, the media and other ethnic and religious groups as the representative body of the Jewish community. The Board leads, speaks and advocates on behalf of the NSW Jewish community, with 62 major communal organisations as its constituents.




“One of the Museum’s key areas of focus is “building bridges” – undertaking activities and programs that specifically set out to build relationships between Jews and other religious and cultural communities through artistic, educational and cultural collaborations. Breaking Challah is a wonderful example of how we can build bridges, share culture and promote understanding and respect. It is an initiative that is ingenious in its simplicity, and has real substance and soul. We are really pleased to be associated with it.”


Rebecca Forgasz, Director & CEO

The Jewish Museum of Australia


The JMA's missiion is to engage people with Jewish culture in order to:


  • help Jews become proud of, connected to and knowledgeable about their heritage; 

  • promote understanding and appreciation of Jewish culture and people in the wider community; and 

  • build a society in which cultural diversity and difference is embraced and respected.











"Being involved in this fantastic initiative was a ‘no-brainer.’  For a small Jewish community like ours in Queensland, it is very important to have the opportunity to get involved in Breaking Challah. It provides a platform for everyone to bring their non-Jewish friends into their homes and show them a slice of how special celebrating Shabbat is by breaking challah. Many Queenslanders have never met a Jewish person, let alone had the chance to be involved in a family's Shabbat meal, so we'll be encouraging our community to get involved in breaking challah. " 


Jason Steinberg, President

Qld Jewish Board of Deputies



The Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies Inc. (QJBD) is recognised by the Queensland State Government and its agencies, the media and other ethnic and religious groups as the representative body of the Jewish community. It speaks on the community’s behalf on all matters affecting the status, welfare and interest of Queensland Jewry.



Breaking down cultural barriers simply by 'Breaking Challah' together.

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