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All we ask you to do is add a couple of chairs to the table, a couple of pieces of shnitzel to the frypan, and invite guests to your dinner who may never have had a Jewish experience before, such as a teacher, a colleague, a neighbour or a friend.  Expain to them the rituals and the prayers and then do what we do best- EAT!


The night is all about YOU, opening our homes, sharing our culture and explaining our traditions.  We would love to hear from you afterwards. What did you learn? How was it different than what you expected? Did you enjoy the food?  If you have any comments or suggestions we would be thrilled to hear them.


Share, share, share!  


We want 'Breaking Challah' to go viral, so share photos of your table, your guests, your food, your preparation. However, whenever and whatever you feel comfortable sharing is entirely up to YOU.

We will assume that any photos or videos you post online tagging us or using the hashtag, #breakingchallah is ok to use or share with our other members on our various social media platforms.

Your Shabbat, your way.


We don't want to tell you how to conduct your Shabbat, as every household has their own level of observance and special traditions, however, we do have a Shabbat FAQ for you to use if you get stuck answering questions about the candles, the wine, the challah, etc.


Breaking Challah is a social movement to encourage Jewish families to open their homes on Shabbat to guests to “break challah” with those who may never have experienced a Shabbat meal. All Breaking Challah themed events are privately organized by the individual host(s), who exercise sole discretion over all aspects of the “Breaking Challah” themed event. Breaking Challah is not an organization and, as such, neither the founders of the Breaking Challah concept nor any of the affiliate organizations who promote the Breaking Challah theme can be held liable for any act or omission of the individual host or guest.

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